Your Questions About Mothers Day Sentiments

Sandy asks…
Would this make a good Mothers Day sentiment?

You are just a body that was used to bring me into the world.

What do you think? Do I have a future in the greeting card field?

Parker answers:

Thats really ugly. Thats disgusting so Id say heck yea go for it! It doesnt sound any worse than lots of the junk Ive read lately. Lol

Sandra asks…
Is mocking the dead a ritual or a part of certain cultures?

It has been brought to notice that certain cultures namley Mexicans do this!!

Is this a ritual in north america?

Even Saddam Hussein has a grave and history has been witness to the fact that mankind has respected the dead notwithstanding there actions while they were alive.

So then why is a dead man, guilty of being an abuser and a bad father and hated by his faimly not given the dignity and respect that normally has been reserved for the dead?

Why are there still wild times happening on his grave?

Why was this brought up on fathers day ?

Why was no consideration and respect given to the sentiments of those who wanted to celebrate this day much like the mothers day?

Do they really feel happy now?

With so much of hatred now!!!
Deirdre what will your response be if i told you who is the source of this information?

Take a hard look at your own group dear lady !!!

Parker answers:

Mexicans do not mock the dead. They celebrate them with a special day where they gather in cemeteries and have festivals that recognize and acknowledge their ancestors and those who have died. They feel this is a day when they can remember and think about those who have gone before them. It is more a day of love and respect. They do not fear death like many other cultures but recognize it as a stage of life and take the time to make it part of everyday life. Mexican culture are not people to speak of death in other terms such as losing someone, or they have passed or are asleep. They see death as something natural and as a result of that their children and adults do not grow up fearing something that is inevitable.

Ruth asks…
Can I post an alternative Mothers day wish?

It Mother’s day in the ball park.
The cards are all written and sent
The sentiments carry the hallmark
of promises made, never meant.
A nation pays homage to mothers,
but Aaron, Jim-Bob and Wilf
have got their eyes set on another’s
coz their next door neighbour’s a MILF.
Anelie: Ill try to do a more profound one later, but my early postings are always governed by the imp. ;¬)
Cassie: If you insist..;¬)
Not quite Ben but she does have some front on her, I believe. ;¬)
Well spotted BlueFeather. (That sounds like a rare bird to an ornathologists ear) ;¬)
BG: nah nah nah NAH nah back atya!

Parker answers:

Your reference to hallmark was a nicely subtle touch.

And promises made, never meant was equally astute.